Website Raises Questions About What Is Considered Prostitution In Michigan

A local website is under investigation as a conduit for prostitution. is a website that is designed to bring men and women together. According to news reports, because men pay women cash for their time, the site has come under fire as really providing “high-tech hookers.”

The women on the site deny charges of prostitution. Many are young college students who use money earned on the dates to pay for room and board, tuition and books at colleges across the counts including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Oakland University and Wayne State University. Women interviewed on the site explain that money is exchanged for spending time together – not for a sexual relationship. If you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution, it is important to consult with a Michigan prostitution defense attorney immediately to begin preparing your defense.

Prostitution is generally defined as the exchanging of sex for money and is against the law in the State of Michigan. Michigan law, MCL 750.448 provides that soliciting prostitution is crime, and 750.449 provides that engaging services for purposes of prostitution is also considered a crime. Individuals convicted more than once of prostitution can face increased penalties. In addition, the performance of a sexual act, with a prostitute or otherwise, in public is considered gross indecency. Each offense carries with it the penalties of jail-time, mandatory testing for sexually transmitted diseases, the social stigma associated with the commission of these offenses, the potential to have any vehicle used in the commission of any of the above acts forfeited to the state as a nuisance, and registration as a sex offender under the Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act.

Based on the information provided in the interviews, the woman were not trading sex for money, but were strictly hired for companionship. Further, the site’s designer notes that the website prohibits prostitution and has security measures in place to ensure that the service remains legal. Despite attempts by police to shut down the enterprise, so far their efforts have been unsuccessful.

For more information or if you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution, contact a top Michigan sex crimes defense attorney at Grabel & Associate for an immediate consultation.

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