Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Two College Students on Florida Beach Over Spring Break

Recently, two Troy University students were arrested in regards to a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in March over spring break at Panama City Beach in Florida, according to an article at the New York Times.

News reports claim a 19-year-old woman who was incapacitated and believed she had been drugged was sexually assaulted as hundreds of beach goers looked on. The two men who were arrested include 23-year-old Ryan Austin Calhoun or Mobile, AL, and 22-year-old Delonte Martistee of Bainbridge, GA. Sheriff Frank McKeithen said that they were also searching for two more people, a third man they believed may have been involved in the “gang-rape-type attack,” and a fourth person whose role was not specified.

The alleged victim said that she did not recall the assault clearly enough to report it, as she believed she had been drugged. Authorities learned of the sexual assault after a video of the assault captured on a cell phone was discovered while investigating another incident. The video was then sent by Troy police to the sheriff’s office in Florida. After reviewing the cell phone video, authorities identified the woman and determined the sexual assault occurred behind the Spinnaker Beach Club. Calhoun and Martistee were being extradited to Bay County, where the sexual assault took place.

Officials were left curious about how much illegal activity occurs over spring break, given that hundreds of bystanders witnessed the sexual assault and no one reported it. Sexual assault among college age students has increased dramatically in recent years, a fact that concerns many.

There are also occasions on which individuals are falsely accused of sexual assault, rape, and other crimes. Regardless of the circumstances, it is vital that anyone arrested or under investigation for sexual assault consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crime defense attorney immediately. Sex crimes are some of the most serious, and have lasting negative consequences for those found guilty. A conviction could mean loss of freedom, and ruin of your reputation, career, and relationships.

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