Ypsilanti Man Convicted of Sexual Assault in March Faces Additional Charges

On March 15, 76-year-old Dervin Mood was convicted by an Oakland County jury on a charge of third-degree criminal sexual conduct; Mood was on federal probation for child pornography at the time. Now it has been revealed in a news article at AnnArbor.com that Mood will go on trial for five charges of CSC in Washtenaw County. These charges stem from incidents which allegedly occurred at his home in Ypsilanti.

The criminal sexual conduct charges against Mood in both Oakland and Washtenaw County are related to the same victim. News articles state that the man has mental health issues, including Asperger’s syndrome. He was assaulted by Mood according to prosecutors at the age of `12, 15, 16, and 19 in a time period that spanned from 2003 to 2011.

Mood is a former child care provider and school teacher who was on federal probation for possessing child pornography when charged with CSC in Washtenaw County. Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper stated in news articles regarding last month’s conviction that Mood would likely be sentenced to 51 to 106 months in prison. Now, Mood will again go on trial in Washtenaw County; his trial date is scheduled for April 29.

While it wasn’t revealed how the current allegations would affect Mood’s federal probation, Cooper said it was bound to in some way. The federal charges were related to child pornography found on Mood’s computer, along with diary entries and recordings.

Whether for first-, second-, or third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Michigan sex crime attorneys know the penalties are harsh – and the damage done to the accused individual’s future and reputation cannot be undone. Being required to register as a sex offender is perhaps the worst penalty of all, as the consequences can last a lifetime. Career and employment opportunities may be affected, not to mention the stigma that follows the individual around like a black cloud.

If you have been arrested for any offense that is sexual in nature or are under investigation, it is critical that you speak with a Michigan sex crime lawyer who is effective, capable, and has a proven track record in reaching positive results for clients.

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