13-Year-Old Alleged Rape Victim Claims He May Know Attackers

Recently, a 13-year-old fifth grade student at Wayne Elementary in Detroit claims that he was snatched from the school and then raped. Now, the unidentified boy says he may know the two men who attacked him, according to Detroit police, who say the incident “does not appear to be a random act.” In a press release issued September 13th by the department’s public information office, it is revealed that the alleged victim may have known the male suspects.

News reports say the boy alleged that he was taken by two men, one black, one white, and driven to a home nearby in a green pick-up. At the home, the victim claims he was assaulted in a structure described as shed-like in the backyard. The boy’s mother told the Associated Press that the boy has seen the men before around the neighborhood and therefore could identify them, but that he does not know them.

An eyewitness, 42-year-old Lawrence Snider, said that around 2 p.m. on Wednesday he saw the boy wearing his school uniform shirt and underwear as he “wobbled” down the street, and that he was not wearing shoes. According to Snider, when he asked the boy what happened he said he had been raped.

The alleged victim’s mother told reporters that hospital discharge papers state that he was sexually assaulted. He also received shots for protection against sexually transmitted diseases according to his mother.

Relatives claim that the boy has had behavioral issues at Wayne Elementary, where he was transferred this fall. Steve Wasko, school district spokesman, said that all allegations are taken very seriously by the school district.

The victim’s grandmother told news reporters that the boy said he on his way to his classroom from the school’s office when he saw someone outside the doors which he assumed was a parent; he then opened the doors which are not to be opened by anyone but school teachers/officials.

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