Michigan Sex Offender Living in Kentucky Creating a Stir in Edgewood

William Begley, a Michigan man who is a registered sex offender and who has been behind bars for the majority of the last 18 years on sex charges, is causing a stir in his Edgewood, Kentucky neighborhood. It seems that Begley lives in close proximity to a park and a school, although he is not breaking the law. In Kentucky, sex offenders may not live within 1,000 feet of a playground or school, but this is a law that went into affect in 2006 and does not apply to Begley. Still, neighbors have complained to Edgewood Police.

Begley lives a block away from President’s Park, and across the street from Saint Pius School. Edgewood Police Chief Tony Kramer says that about 6 residents have either stopped by the department or called to complain about the situation, although Begley is breaking no laws. Just out of jail in August, Begley was jailed twice in Michigan on charges of criminal sexual conduct. The problem is with a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling which just went into effect in 2006, requiring that sex offenders live at least 1,000 feet from schools or playgrounds. This rule does not apply to Begley, because it cannot be enforced on individuals convicted of a sex crime prior to 2006. Neighbors say the law is “a crock.”

News reports state that for the few weeks Begley has been living in the neighborhood, he has been low-key and quiet. Talking to news reporters, he said that all he wants is a fresh start. No criminal charges can be filed against Begley simply because he lives in the neighborhood and within a close range of the school and park, but Assistant Kenton County Attorney Jason Reed says that neighbors need to be “vigilant,” and that they can ensure that he is behaving himself by keeping an eye out on the community.

For his part, Begley stated that the neighbors don’t have anything to worry about, that he paid his dues for the mistakes he has made.

Michigan sex crime attorneys understand the hardships registered sex offenders face in society. Even when you have done your time and paid your debt to society, the stigma will always be there. It’s hard to live life when you feel that everyone you come in contact with is watching over his/her shoulder.

If you have been charged with any sex-related offense, perhaps the worst punishment you face is being required to register as a sex offender if convicted. Consult with a Michigan sex crimes lawyer at once who will work to reach the best possible outcome, protecting your legal rights, reputation and freedom.

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