Pontiac Woman Allegedly Raped and Dumped in the Street

A 39-year-old Pontiac resident claimed that she was raped and then dumped into the street by her alleged attackers recently. On Friday September 21, deputies were dispatched around 11 p.m. to Shirley and Lois Streets following reports that a woman had been sexually assaulted.

The woman told EMS personnel that she had been raped by two men before being dumped in the street. Neighbors in the area did not recognize the alleged victim, and it was not clear at the time of the incident where the attack actually took place. One woman whose identity was not released said that “a lady was just laying in the middle of the street and another lady was walking by and a car stopped, so we all ran outside.” The unidentified woman said she wanted to do what she could to help the alleged victim.

The woman also said that she could not tell whether the victim had bruises or other injuries because of the fetal position she was lying in. She ultimately called 911 after taking the victim’s pulse, then waited with her until the ambulance arrived on the scene. The alleged victim was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital for treatment. News reports also stated that a rape kit was completed.

No description or other information regarding the suspects has been released by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, although they continue to look for leads. Investigators said only that the alleged victim was clearly upset, and reluctant to give a statement; they offered no further comments on the case.

Michigan sex crime lawyers understand the seriousness of these types of charges, and that victims can be injured not only physically, but emotionally as well. Frequently however, false accusations are made. An alleged victim may cry rape after consensual sexual relations. In cases like this, it is essential that you have an experienced Michigan rape defense attorney who will fight aggressively to protect your reputation and freedom.

If you have been accused of any type of sex crime whether guilty or innocent, discuss your case with a skilled lawyer immediately so that work can begin on a strong defense strategy if necessary.

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