51-year-old Portage Man Arrested for Sex Crimes Allegedly Committed in Early 90’s

Leonard Richey, a 51-year-old Kalamazoo County resident, was arrested on Thursday October 25th by Michigan State Police, who say he committed sex crimes in Forest Township in 1990 and 1991. Richey was charged with four counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Police began investigating Richey in early 2010, after one of the alleged victims who reportedly had issues for years finally came forward to reveal what happened to him and three others, according to Detective First Lieutenant Chuck Christensen.

News reports claim that Richey has a lengthy criminal past, and that he served prison time for a 1980 negligent homicide charge, as well as six years prison time for a CSC charge that allegedly occurred in 1993. Richey now lives in Portage in an adult foster care home. If convicted, he could face life in prison for allegedly molesting four young boys.

Detective Christensen told news reporters that Richey would use alcohol or other devices to entice the boys and get them in position for the sexual assaults. He was arraigned in the 89th District Court and given no bond. Richey is expected to appear in court again within two weeks.

Michigan sex crimes attorneys understand the serious consequences those charged with a sexual offense against a child face when convicted. You could spend years or even your life behind bars, in addition to being required to register as a sex offender for life. However, skilled and experienced lawyers also know that young children are easily influenced and susceptible to suggestions made by others which may not be fact. In any case involving sexual abuse of a child, it is extremely difficult or even impossible to win without the guidance of a competent attorney.

Any time an individual is arrested on sex-related charges, it is critical that he or she seeks the guidance of a capable Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer who will work vigorously to uphold your legal rights and protect your freedom. Without talented legal representation you will face harsh penalties which will affect your career, ruin your reputation, and essentially ruin your life.

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