Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Having Sex With 12-year-old West Virginia Girl

In March of this year, 33-year-old Ashlee Liebert of Whitmore Lake was caught with a young girl in a car in Buffalo, W. Virginia along Cross Creek Road according to Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Alan Savilla. Savilla told news reporters at the time that as he approached the car, he observed the suspect was totally naked and raising up above what he believed to be a girl who was approximately 10 to 12 years old. She was naked from the waist down, according to Savilla.

Liebert was arrested at the time and charged with third-degree sexual assault along with sex abuse by a parent or guardian. At the time of the arrest, investigators did not collect DNA evidence. Liebert’s attorney Duane Rosenlieb scolded investigators for failing to collect evidence, saying that any DNA evidence was now completely unavailable as he questioned detectives in the case.

According to news reports, Liebert and the young girl met online while playing “World of Warcraft.” Over a five month period, the two allegedly developed a relationship which led to the meeting in W. Virginia. Police claim that Liebert confessed to having met other girls on the Internet.

On Monday October 29th Liebert pleaded guilty to traveling to W. Virginia to have sex with a minor. Liebert entered his plea in Huntington federal court according to federal prosecutors. In a search of Liebert’s home in March, videos of minors engaging in sexual acts and hundreds of images were found according to officials.

Liebert is scheduled to be sentenced on February 11. According to the FBI website, Liebert will be sentenced by United States District Judge Robert C. Chambers, and faces a $250,000 fine and up to 30 years in prison.

Michigan sexual assault attorneys understand that the penalties for those convicted on sexual assault charges are severe. While substantial fines and prison time are extremely harsh, perhaps the requirement to register as a sex offender is worst of all. Registered sex offenders lose their privacy, employment opportunities and the freedom to choose where they live.

Whether you are being investigated or have already been arrested, protect your freedom and future by consulting with a talented Michigan sex crimes lawyer.

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