Alger County School Administrator Charged With CSC Waives Preliminary Hearing

In March, 35-year-old Benjamin David Franklin II who was the principal and administrator of Munising Baptist Church and School was arrested in connection with alleged sexual activity with a student at the school, and charged with one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Franklin was arraigned in Alger County District Court.

On May 9, a news article at indicated that Franklin is now facing additional charges in regards to his alleged involvement with the teenage female student. According to the report, the defendant is now facing two additional charges of CSC in the third degree after the criminal complaint was amended. Franklin was bound over to circuit court after waiving his preliminary hearing on Thursday, May 9.

Franklin is accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a female student who was said to be between the ages of 16 and 18. Upon learning of the allegations on March 12, families were notified by school officials that Franklin had resigned his position; ten days later families of the school students were informed that a police investigation into the allegations was underway.

Franklin’s bond was set at $5,000; he was released immediately following his arraignment and remains free. He currently resides in St. Joseph, IL.

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