Meridian Township Police in Search of Registered Sex Offender Wanted for Indecent Exposure

Meridian Township Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a man who is accused of indecent exposure. David Lee Arnold, a Lansing man, is a registered sex offender and believed to be involved in two incidents recently in which he exposed himself to women in a coffee shop.

According to a news article at the Lansing State Journal, a warrant was issued on Thursday, May 2, for Arnold who is 55 years old. The warrant for Arnold’s arrest includes being a habitual offender fourth offense, three counts of indecent exposure, and sexual delinquency.

Records indicate that the suspect first registered as a sex offender in 1995 in Michigan. Arnold has records in Ingham, Kent, Oakland, and Washtenaw Counties for prior incidents related to sexual delinquency and indecent exposure which range from the early ’90s to 2007 according to news reports at

The two incidents of indecent exposure which occurred recently involve a man believed to be Arnold, who sits in a local coffee shop and exposes himself to women sitting nearby as he appears to be reading a newspaper. Police say he then gets up and leaves.

Arnold is believed to be in his late 50s or early 60s, and is described as 5′ 11″ tall weighing about 200 pounds.

As skilled Michigan indecent exposure attorneys know, an individual who is convicted on a charge of indecent exposure may face up to one year in jail along with substantial fines. However, if that individual has already been determined to be sexually delinquent, he or she may be sentenced to life in prison. Because Arnold is a registered sex offender, he will likely face serious penalties if convicted of the crimes he is accused of.

If you have been arrested for any criminal offense that is sexual in nature, take action to protect your freedom and future now by contacting an experienced and capable Michigan sex crime lawyer.

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