Grand Rapids Parapro Facing CSC Charges, Although Attorney Claims Defendant is Simply ‘Annoying’

Kevin Eugene Dengel is a man called “arrogant” in news articles, a former paraprofessional for Grand Rapids Public Schools accused of six counts of criminal sexual conduct. Dengel allegedly touched the buttocks and breasts of two 13-year-old eighth graders during his tenure at Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy, according to a news article at

Dengel who is 44 years old has been charged with six counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, he will face up to 15 years in prison. His defense attorney claims that Dengel’s tendency to annoy people and a defiant, undisciplined student body led to the misunderstanding. Several instances of Dengel touching the girls in an inappropriate manner have allegedly occurred. One of the alleged victims testified in court that the defendant had touched her buttocks on two occasions; on one occasion, she said he said it was an accident and apologized, and that she believed him because she liked to think the best of people. On the second occasion, she said Dengel apologized again, stating that his hand has a “mind of its own.”

The second alleged victim testified that Dengel had rubbed his shoulder against her breasts on two occasions, and had touched her with his hand. She alleged that after reporting the incident, Dengel stared her down and she called him a pervert.

The incidents went unreported until April, when the two alleged victims were in a discussion with the principal regarding statements Dengel allegedly made about a student who had been expelled from school because of a fight. Discussion of fights on the campus are forbidden according to school rules in order to prevent reigniting confrontations. Dengel’s defense lawyer argues this confrontation is what led the two girls to accuse Dengel of inappropriately touching them.

Ultimately, Dengel’s defense attorney states he will prove his client is innocent, that any touching which may have occurred was unintentional and that the two girls are simply trying to get back at Dengel, who is said to be an annoying personality with an arrogant attitude.

Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know that there are many occasions on which innocent people are accused of sex-related crimes they did not commit. In this case, Dengel is a man who seems not to be well liked by either teachers or students because of his “annoying” and arrogant attitude. In cases such as this where there is no physical evidence and the outcome relies on the testimony of alleged victims, innocent people may end up behind bars.

Regardless of whether you have been accused of touching someone in an inappropriate manner or committing rape or sexual assault, contacting a highly skilled and aggressive Michigan sex crime defense lawyer is the first step you should take to protect your legal rights and freedom.


2 responses to “Grand Rapids Parapro Facing CSC Charges, Although Attorney Claims Defendant is Simply ‘Annoying’”

  1. Neil says:

    I know people in the family. There have been new happenings in the case!! Kevin is innocent. Please read about the case through June 2016, more info will be out.

  2. Hector says:

    New court records prove both accusers were dishonest under oath. So many people are aware Kevin Dengel is totally innocent. Evidence proving innocence has been submitted. The police made a mistake!!!!

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