Ingham County Jury Finds Michigan State Trooper Not Guilty Of Rape

According to the Lansing State Journal, Michigan State Police Trooper Joseph Donovan has been found not guilty of rape by an Ingham County jury. Donovan was standing trial for nine counts of first degree sexual misconduct. The jury found him not guilty on seven counts and deadlocked on the other two.

Although Donovan is understandably relieved, the investigation, charges and subsequent trial have significantly impacted Donovan’s life. He has been on unpaid leave from work since 2008 and has been living in “limbo.” He has also faced significant public scrutiny.

Fortunately he will now be able to move on, although whether he will get his old job back has not been determined.

If you have been charged with any criminal sexual offense, it is critical to contact an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately to begin investigating the charges and preparing your defense.

In some cases, sex crimes charges may be filed based solely on the allegations of wrongdoing without any physical evidence or any other supporting evidence. Here, Donovan asserted that he had consensual sexual relations with the women who subsequently charged him with rape. Finding the true motivation for allegations may lead to charges being reduced or dropped. Contacting an aggressive attorney early on to delve into a matter may save those accused time, expense and loss of reputation.

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