New Law Will Keep Teens Off Sex Crimes Registry

Effective July 1, teenagers who have mutually agreed upon sex with a younger teen will no longer be automatically listed on Michigan’s sex crimes registry. However, in certain circumstances your teen may still face placement of his or her name on the list. This includes situations such as where the age difference between the teens is more than four years and if allegations exist that sex was coerced.

Previously, teens involved in so-called “Romeo and Juliet” relationships faced having their name listed on the registry for 25 years.

With the new sex crimes registry law in place, teens as well as adults whose names were placed on the list for teenage sexual relations may contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer to petition for removal and to clear their name.
The revised law is a welcome change. The intent of the registry was to advise the public concerning predators but has unfairly grown and expanded to include people whose actions may reflect questionable choices, but are not hardened criminals. Listing often has life-long negative consequences, affecting the direction of a one’s life. Having your name of the registry impacts where you live, your employment and even your choice of schools.

For more information about any Michigan sex crime or to petition to remove your name from the sex crimes registry, please contact the aggressive and dedicated sex crimes law firm of Grabel & Associates.

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