UT Football Player Will Not Face Sexual Assault Charges in Sept. 2015 Incident

On Monday, a Knoxville Police Dept. file was released which documents a three-month long investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a woman by a University of Tennessee football player on September 20 of last year. While the player’s name has not been released, he will not face sexual assault charges according to news reports.

The woman claimed she had been having drinks at a bar with some friends, and the next thing she was aware of was waking up naked in the bed of a white male who was a stranger; he reportedly asked her to leave his apartment. The woman didn’t remember anything in between, and claimed she had been sexually assaulted.

The woman did have a rape exam two days later, however police were not notified until September 23. Documents in the police file included an email from District Attorney Charme Allen dated December 8 in which the DA declined to prosecute the player. Other documentation in the file revealed that a DNA test showed no identifying matches to the man accused, nor was there any evidence of semen.

Initially, the woman told police who she suspected assaulted her, however in a photo lineup later identified the football player, who was not the same man she first suspected. The unnamed player did freely provide a DNA sample, but when asked to be questioned by police, invoked his right to counsel.

Senior associate athletics director at UT said this is a reminder of how people should not rush to judgment when allegations of sexual assault are made.

Unfortunately, this scenario is one that’s all too common. Someone has too much to drink, wakes up the next morning, and has no clear recollection of what actually happened, but claims sexual assault. Many times if sexual contact did take place, it was consensual at the time.

False allegations have resulted in many innocent people spending time (sometimes years) behind bars. Michigan sex crimes attorneys know the penalties for those convicted are extremely harsh, and may include prison time, registration as a sex offender, a criminal record, and more. The impact on every area of a person’s life can be devastating.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, contact a skilled and aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your freedom, reputation, and future are at stake.

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