Ypsilanti Man Accused of Drugging & Raping Woman Testifies at Second Trial

Kip Wilson, a 47-year-old Huron High School teacher and resident of Ypsilanti, is on trial again for the alleged drugging and rape of a woman who Wilson claims he was trying to build an exclusive relationship with. The alleged rape took place in July of 2012 after Wilson and the woman, who came to his home, drank what have been referred to as “killer margaritas.”

Wilson was tried on charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, but a mistrial was declared in October of last year after jurors received a document by mistake, one that prejudiced them. He is now on trial for a second time, and adamantly insists from the witness stand that he did not rape the woman, that she was far more aggressive and experienced in the area of sex than he is, and that she was the one who initiated oral sex after the two continued drinking margaritas, which he claimed she said was the best she had ever had.

Wilson said on the stand that the two did eventually have sex, and that the alleged victim was “very active,” asking him to engage in acts he found uncomfortable. Wilson went on to say that the woman fell asleep, and when she later awoke seemed confused, asking if they had engaged in sex. Wilson told her yes, and had also told her where she could find some medicine for her headache. He said that out of concern, he had her stay for a while and drink water. During that time he claims the two discussed the possibility of being exclusive, what had taken place that night, and plans for future dates.

The woman asked Wilson if he had given her a roofie, to which he replied he had not. When asked at trial if he had ever used a date rape drug, he replied “Never ever.” Wilson and the alleged victim reportedly met on Match.com.

The trial is ongoing with closing arguments scheduled to begin April 13.

Wilson stands charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a woman who was “incapacitated” after drinking several margaritas. This offense is charged when sexual penetration occurs in conjunction with other specific factors, one of them being that the accused individual knows or has reason to know the victim is physically helpless, mentally incapacitated, or mentally incapable.

The criminal penalties for those convicted of third-degree CSC include a maximum of 15 years in prison along with the requirement to register as a sex offender. As you can imagine, a conviction on such charges is life changing and usually the end of a person’s career, not to mention the loss of freedom and stigma that goes along with being labeled a sex offender.

If you have been wrongly accused of rape or sexual assault, take action immediately to protect your legal rights, reputation, and freedom. Consult with a highly seasoned Michigan sex crimes lawyer who will fight vigorously on your behalf and provide the legal support and guidance essential to outstanding results.

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