Wayne County Jury Acquits Pastor Of Statutory Rape

According to the Detroit News, a Wayne County jury has found a Detroit minister not guilty of all charges stemming from an arrest for alleged statutory rape.

A 16-year-old boy alleged that the minister had sex with him no less than three times when he was only 15. Michigan’s age of consent is 16. The law does not require any criminal intent to prove statutory rape, simply that a person under 16 years of age engaged in sexual relations with an adult.

Because an individual may be convicted of a criminal sexual conduct offense without any physical evidence of an assault or other supporting evidence, it is crucial to hire an aggressive defense attorney if you have been charged with statutory rape or any other criminal sexual conduct charge.

Often, finding the true motivation for making the accusation of sexual misconduct is one of the most important components of a successful defense. Here, evidence presented at trial revealed that the alleged victim and another man made up the stories of sexual relations as revenge against the pastor, a man known for taking troubled teens into his home.

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